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This weirdos birthday today! - Happy Birthday John!
Come join us, he needs to get drunk, or else Joel will get drunk for him!
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This weekend at the Londoner..
This handsome gentleman and John.
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Are you ready?
Coming soon to a Londoner near you.. Halloween - featuring hangover!
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After two blockbuster nights we round off the weekend with our very own Lolos last shift! A huge servant to the Londoner - so come and buy him a shot!
I have a feeling he'll be back to help us out occasionally..

As the Eagles once sang:
"You can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave."
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We get everywhere!
A massive congratulations to our waitress Rike who successfully climbed Kilimanjaro this week!

Living proof that Jagis fuel the mind and body!

I wondered why she turned up late..
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Sophia Niederstrasser, Cindi Nicol und 23 anderen gefällt das

David SJSame can't be said for our other waitress Natalie who made another unsuccessful attempt to get home after 19 Jagis, 9 Spritzers, 3 Tequilas, a bottle of gin, 11 Sambuccas and Mannis pizza!

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Joel StewartThat's Awesome!

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