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Remember ladies and gentlemen we are closing on Sunday so the staff can hibernate for 6 weeks.
We re-open again with a few new fancy surprises early June.

Come down this week and give yourself a nice hangover to send us off!
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22 Olympic medals
56 World Cup medals
All shared between our guests tonight..
Pleasure to have them, but can they drink better than Tasos?
Probably yes..
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Sofia Jedeback, Hannah-Clare Bamford und 8 anderen gefällt das

Tasos GiakoumakisNo way 😜😜😜😜

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Jan Albrecht, Roger Mix und 23 anderen gefällt das

Lorenz Huter0:12 Lorenz von Matterhorn back at it again with the crazy smile :D

3 Wochen   ·  1

Tim PriMarc Bruckmann

3 Wochen   ·  1

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This Saturday at the Londoner..
Tasos' Birthday!!

Be here for the biggest party of the season!
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